My name is Aimee Mannix, and I am a working mommy of two small kids.  Declan turned 5 years old this passed July, and Caelyn is newly 3.  While I just love my little ones, I wanted to start a blog to talk about how downright HARD it is to be a working mom, and that it is NOT always fun.  There is a tremendous amount of sweat, blood, frustration, pee, lots of poop, nudity, cursing……..and it’s just Wednesday!

I want every single mom out there reading this to know that it is OKAY to admit that you want something more in your life, outside of being a mom.  It doesn’t mean you love your kids any less, or that you regret having kids. It may mean you are a glutton for punishment, because let’s be real–this crap is tough!

Join me as I share my trials, my past, my life as a working mommy and wife.  Why?  So you don’t drown in a vat of wine, alone, desperate for adult interaction!