My Employed Teenagers

My day job is as a nurse director at a busy hospital in Florida.  I have a staff of about 45-50 people that report to me, depending on where we are with vacancies.  In this leadership role, I have learned a lot about myself, and I really think it is preparing me for a time in my life, that needs all the preparation it can get.  Raising teenagers.  I swear, everyday it’s something, some sort of tragedy, some sort of drama brewing.  One day there is one clique, another day there is another clique, I can’t keep up and it’s better I don’t.  It changes with the wind.

More than anything, it’s the chasing down of grown ass adults that kills me.  “Please turn in this”, or, “Did you do this yet”.  And it’s all required things to remain employed!  I mean, how do you remember to get your Driver’s License renewed?  Or get to the dentist?  And it’s not like my staff are all Millennials, it’s probably only half.  The rest are grown and mature enough to know better.

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