Skate Lessons

SO after a week of Caelyn begging to take skating lessons, we signed her up for classes. Is it odd that my 3 year old daughter has a busier social life than I do? Man how did this happen? I wonder if I am pushing for them to do more than they really should. I remember taking ballet as a little girl, but that was it. There was the occasional instrument that I took here and there, but not consistently.

My husband and I really want our kids to have mor than we did. Isn’t that the point? To give and provide a life better than we had? And the hopes are that we can provide the life and support system that encourages them to accomplish more with their lives than we did!

But some days I sit back and look at this little 3 year old stumble around on the ice like a baby deer and wonder, am. Doing it right?

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