10 Tips To Get You Through Pregnancy


I have two small kids, ages three and five as I write this.  While no mother can ever tell you that they are an expert at anything related to motherhood, we can all tell you we learned some lessons!   So here are my top lessons learned, and my hope is that you take something away, even if it is just a few laughs!

  1. Your Plan– here’s the thing about pregnancy and child birth: we are dealing with human bodies.  Every woman handles pregnancy differently.  So I caution you in having an elaborate plan of waiting to see how long you can go with contractions, then at 5 cm calling for the epidural, and taking 40 minutes to push.  “No inductions for me, no C-Sections for me!”.  The BEST plan you can have for your birthing experiences is to really have no plan.  Plan on doing whatever it takes to have a healthy baby.  Allow for your body to dictate what it needs, and follow the signs.  There is absolutely no telling how it will go down, and if you go into something as complicated as childbirth with a rigid plan, you will surly be let down.  Take it easy on yourself, be open to all options as they may soon be your only options.
  2. Be Comfortable– Man I can’t stress this one enough. I find that so often, preggo’s are trying to look cute in their clothes and footwear.  In the beginning this may be OK, but as your bump blooms, just allow yourself to be comfortable at all times.  There is no worse feeling than carrying around all that baggage and feeling like you are stuffed into a sausage casing on stilts.  Just keep it comfy and casual.
  3. Read– I would encourage you to read different mommy blogs and articles about how REAL women delivered, and their stories.  This will give you a real front row seat into what can actually go down.  I found that a lot of the birthing and prep books romanticize the whole thing.  Listen to how other mothers have given birth, and how their plans change, etc.  But there is a limit-you also don’t nee the opinion of every chick on how to have your kid.  Educate yourself but don’t overdue it!
  4. Poop happens– You know then when you are trying to push that little package out, you very well may poop in front of whomever is watching you? You’re welcome.
  5. Nap– ESPECIALLY if this is baby number one mama. Do not feel like you have to maintain your Superwoman badge and run errands till you drop.  These pregnancy naps will be among the last you get to enjoy easily!  True, you can “sleep when they sleep” but that’s doesn’t always happen.  And if you decide to do this whole thing again, pregnant napping with a toddler running around proves extremely difficult!  So take advantage of all the naps you can get it.
  6. Journal– I was really glad that I kept a journal of my pregnancies. There are so many details that you will really enjoy going back to read in a few years.  Write it all down, it’s a great way to relax you for a nice nap ❤
  7. Take your Preggo Pics Early– The mistake that I made was procrastinating my bump pics until I was just a damn blimp! Obviously, you want to look pregnant in your pics, but I waited until well into my third trimester, and pre-eclampsia had set in, unbeknownst to me.  I was a swollen mess!  Either way, it will document the sweetest time in your life, but you will thank me later.
  8. Your Hospital Bag–  The hospital birthing place, wherever you are going, will have all you need, but nothing you want.  If you like magazines, music, coloring books, journals, etc, BRING them.  Not that you will have time to use them, but it will relax you when you pack all those things.  What you should focus on are your favorite toiletries, shampoo’s, soaps, oils, etc., for after.  You wont want to use those nasty samples. especially after you give birth.  Bring something familiar so you can start to feel yourself as soon as possible.
  9. Your Going Home outfit-  Yeah, I know you have an adorable little outfit for  baby to go home in……but was about you?  You DO know that you will be just about the same size as when you walked in, right?  Yeah, true story.  If you thought you would walk in a 12 and walk out a 4, you have another thing coming!  It doesn’t happen that fast.  So plan on wearing some preggo clothe’s home.
  10. Visitors–  I was kind of forced the first time around, in who was going to be in the room with me while I tried to give birth to my son.   I wasn’t confident enough to speak up and say who I wanted in there, or who I wanted to leave.  But what I learned is that the day you give birth is such a roller coaster of emotions.  The last thing you need to deal with is worrying about people and their hurt feelings, etc.  Try to decide who you want in the room with you ahead of time, so everyone knows.  Assign someone to be the bouncer, and really limit the people that come in and out.  There is no privacy when you are pushing that kid out!  It seems like everyone and the housekeeper comes and goes!  Speak up for yourself and make that environment a safe one for you.

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