How to Stock up on Dress-Up Clothes-CHEAP!


Halloween is coming!  I want to share a tip that I learned when Caelyn was a baby, that we look forward to EVERY year!

Girls of all ages love to play dress up.  I know my kid is not unique in this.  But if you have ever gone to Target and priced the little princess dresses to buy, it’s just ridiculous!

Instead- go to Target, Walmart, K-Mart the week after Halloween, and stock up on 50-75% off costumes!  I started stocking up on these costumes when she was just a few months old, I was so excited to have a girl!  Now she is old enough to wear them all and has hours and hours of fun!

Don’t forget the accessories!  Wigs, gloves, shoes, wands, masks (my daughter loves the ones that just cover her eyes), face paint and makeup is cheap too!  Declan even joins in!  I got him a Woody, TMNT and Captain America costume that he wore for a long time!

Get creative!  I had my brother create this closet for my daughter, knowing that the bottom would be filled with dress-up items.  And it teaches them independence in dressing!  Win-win!

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