Someone is Dying to be YOU!

I want you to realize something: no matter your situation, no matter how much money, success, or love you have, there is someone out there right now envious of your life.

It’s human instinct to compare your life to those around you.  Think about it, as a first time mom, how often were you checking out other moms on FB, IG and at the supermarket?  Comparison affects the decisions you make, the things you buy and so on.  The worst of it is that we allow the portrayed actions of others to gauge how well we feel WE are doing.   It’s ridiculous when you think about it because no one is living your specific life but you. No one has your circumstances, your struggles, your baggage, or your past.  But social media has become the “How-Am-I-Doing Meter” for so many!  Let’s be real for a second- most people do not post the crappy days on social media.  Instead it’s an endless stream of the fun stuff: drinks with friends, vacations, fancy meals, etc.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, because those are the more shareable moments in life.  But remember not to put too much stock in what Suzy Homemaker is doing down the block, with her hand painted crafts, homemade meals and well-groomed kids. Unless she is also posting about the poo-plosion her kid unloaded while waiting in line somewhere, flat tires or bad grades in school.  Life sucks for her too, she get’s frustrated too, she cries too.

Here’s the good news: there are PLENTY of people in the world watching your activity too.  No matter what you have, there is someone that would revel in the life YOU are able to live!  These people see your success and think, “Man, if I just had XYZ I could be great”. So remember that when you are down on yourself, when you feel less-than, when you are comparing your work ethic, productivity, and mothering skills to Suzy  –  someone out there is comparing themselves to you!  You are enough!!

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